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Long-Term Thinking: Dan the Man or Kumar the Bookkeeper?

Any kiwi with a hint of knowledge about rugby will know Dan Carter. Blokes like him because of his talent on the field and birds love him for brandishing his briefs on billboards. Either way, he is definitely Dan the Man.

His success certainly came from perseverance. When he was Dan the Lad, surely he spent many hours in the rain and snow and bone-chilling Southerlies lining up the pins and giving it his best. We have to say this to keep the legend alive. Feed the mystery. How many kicks has this guy made?

The point is, he just kept on kicking. His averages got better, his game got better, his teams got better and we know the quality of his underwear got better. Dan Carter knows practice makes perfect.

Beginning with the end in mind forces us to set goals. Dan would have thought, “I want to be a great kicker, I need to practice lots, and then practice some more.” And that is what he did and he became the Man.

We know we can replicate this in many of our situations. We set business goals, and we make our strategies. Want to be a top cake maker? Bake lots of cakes. Want to master sudoku? Play lots of games.

OK. You get it. We need to practice. What does this have to do with outsourcing?

We have staff that have done the same tasks many times over. The intricacies of the job become easier. They know the little fiddly bits and they remember the questions they asked last time they did the books for Bob and Betty’s Bakery.

If part of your end goal is to have more free time and a cost efficient business, then short term pain equals long term gain. Spend time helping your team members doing the jobs you will have them do again. Initial energy in will mean less energy in the future.

Like Dan out the back paddock chipping away, spend structured time setting up systems for your team. Coach them well and they will score better. Get the right help on the help on the ground.

Outsourcing done right, with good team management, raises your game up a level. You will end up streamlining your systems, and have more time to spend planning for the seasons ahead. You can watch your business grow from the sideline, see all the plays unfolding and be close to the beer and hotdogs.

Look who Susie bumped into on a recent flight to Melbourne.

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