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Sustainable Offshore Staffing

Now that we have been doing this for awhile, we can see how best our model works for kiwi accountants. Everyone has different expectations and end goals. We do our best to guide clients toward systems that streamline their business and give them more time in the frontline. Getting through the initial pains of organisation becomes a distant memory when your offshore staff member is running like a well-oiled machine. It takes time, but the rewards are worth it.

We believe a long-term sustainable relationship with an offshore employee takes effort. This is not a plug and play solution to tackle your mountain of compliance work. Like any relationship, time spent one-on-one pays dividends. Our best teams have great relationships with their New Zealand firms. Weekly video calls and emails make your offshore staff feel valued and appreciated - treat them like they are in the next room. We don’t ignore staff in the same office do we? Initial relationship building over a few months can lessen in intensity when you have systems set in place.

The initial assimilation of an offshore staff member needs a plan. Establish your goals, arrange jobs to start with that are not too difficult. Through the first few weeks establishing rapport is valuable. Increase the challenge over time. Accountants use different systems and any new employee takes a time investment to be brought up to speed. Most of our staff are graduates with a few years under their belts with CA firms. The work they do in Indian firms is different, so a short timeframe toward getting it all together is expected. Make clear expectations.

While you do your bit setting up work to do and planning procedures, of course we help. Susan and Santosh are at the ready. Each staff member also has a POD leader in whichever group they are with. We have layers of leadership to help everyone succeed. We provide initial training in software proficiency - like Xero Certification. We have many long term skilled staff members helping. Clearly established expectations are in place for all to adhere too. We do our bit, you do yours, and your staff member is happy.

How far can you go? Some of our clients have one team member offshore doing the same set jobs each year. The more familiar with jobs they become the more efficient everything becomes. We have some teams doing pretty much all the work for their kiwi company. One team member deals with New Zealand direct and runs a small team in India. It works. Our guys have satisfying jobs and our clients are happy too. We can help you to establish a team if needed and model it how you like.

Last things to consider: offshore staffing involves people that work with you, we do not provide robots that just do things for you. We employ great people who, like us, work better with a personal relationship investment. Be organised. Make time to plan work for your offshore employee - this only gets easier. Clear expectations. Think long-term, this builds efficiency and sustainability. Susan is always a phone call away and we are there to help. dd your text here. Edit to add dynamic values like name, email and more.

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