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The Team

All our big guns.

We have a great bunch of guys working for us. All are smart and hard working. Everyone is enthusiastic and dedicated to keeping our company culture professional and vibrant. We have regular staff functions as we all love cakes and celebrations. With so many staff it is always someones birthday!

Our Kids

You have to help when you can.

Indians have a tremendous social conscience. They look after those around them that need a helping hand. As a company we support several children at a home in our neighbouring state of Odisha. Many kids fall through the cracks and we want to be able to help empower those less able when we can. 


She keeps the wheels turning.

Susan has a Bachelor of Management Studies in Accounting and Marketing and has worked in public practice in her own business for the past 20 years. She likes how every day in India is different and exciting, as you never know for sure what might happen. She loves the climate, the food, and thinks the locals are great. 


Our number one man.

Santosh is an integral part of the team. He has a Masters in Business Management from Canterbury University majoring in Managerial Finance. His stint in New Zealand brings an Indian perspective on kiwi life to the team. He can clarify our peculiar sayings and oddities. He is certainly one who can think outside the box. 


Chief Supporting Officer

Ian prefers words over numbers. He loves working with digital media and sorting out our communications and computer issues. He looks after the team by bridging the gap between Kiwi and Indian culture. Ian enjoys cruising around on the company scooter, an Aprilia SR150 Race.

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