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Lessons From Lockdown: Labouring in the Lounge.

For a long time now people have been banging on about work-life-balance. We look with envy at those who can miss the daily commute and log on with a latte in the lounge from the comfort of the couch. Well, now that we are all stuck at home, look how easy it is. This Lockdown stuff surely has a silver lining. I bet many will get the idea now to ask the boss if they can work the odd day from home. We did it to keep away from the virus, can we do it to keep away from the office? We can get away from time-wasting colleagues and avoid meaningless meetings. If needed they are a call away. Although the fridge can intrude into valuable work time. It can be done. People want money, they want to work. Our efficiency can be tracked, our productivity can be measured. All we need is more trust from bosses that need to let people have a go. And really, if you have a boss that will not let you do this, what sort of a boss are they? And what are you going to do about it? Look how much clearer the skies are. Staying home you save on fuel costs. Time wasting at the lights. Commute stress. You don’t need to buy lunch. You can work when you want - which is more often than not when you feel the most productive. You can play whatever music you like and you can wear your slippers. We know the benefits This must be a good thing. OK, not everyone can work from home. But, if you have to leave home, there will be less traffic and one more smoked fish pie left at Pat’s Pies. That’s a win. Staying home to work and getting more done in 5 hours than you would in 8 at the office. That’s a win. Employing happy people that get the job done. That’s got to be a win. Being empowered to work, when and where you want, and being part of an organisation that actively supports this is a better way forward for many. Many companies after Lockdown will look back on this and wonder what was the point

of delaying the inevitable. I am sure that for many it has been an issue of trust. Or an issue of can’t be bothered. But this is bollocks. Let’s give people the chance to control their time more. Let’s give people the chance to be with their families more and choose when they work. We all know if we have done an honest day's work. Now pull your socks up and get on with it or leave your slippers on.

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