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First Steps to Start an Outsourcing Operation.

Commit. 100%.

Be all in to help your team member succeed. Your input is invaluable. We help smooth the process with Susan’s expertise. Begin with the end in mind, the end being a fully functioning team member that adds value to your company.

One chief

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians? We have the Indians, you be the chief. Assign one or two people in NZ who deal directly with your team member here. It makes things easier at both ends.

Spend time that leads to less time

Be prepared to allocate time with your team member initially. Like any new job, things settle down to routine. Over time you will spend less time organising if your initial preparation is solid.

Keep an open line

Every now and then your team member will need you. We fix what we can on the spot, but some things need your input. The odd niggle becomes less frequent as familiarity increases. We find What’s App to be the best way to communicate directly with NZ. For screen sharing, we recommend Skype or Google Messenger.

Stay sharp

Set realistic expectations. Ensure your team member has an idea of how long you think tasks should take. When reviewing give clear feedback to help build great working relations. We all want efficiency.

Humans not robots

Our outsourcing model provides you with an exclusive team member. They only work for you, so get to know them personally. Maybe share photos and a bit about yourself. This is a great way to learn about another culture.

Crawl, walk, run

Start off with easier jobs to quickly become aware of your team members skill levels. Expect a few bumps until everything becomes more familiar. Remember Susan is here to help build with you.

First things

Set up an email account for your new team member. You may want them to email your clients, and you of course. Set up any software requirements. Some of our clients log their IT man straight into our laptops – they know how to do it. If you use Xero, it’s easy. A number of our staff use MYOB via remote desktop links.

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