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Outsourcing by Stealth: Satisfied and None the Wiser.

Disappearing jobs of yesterday.

Recently we needed some new business cards so we employed the services of a local printer. There are plenty of online services available here, as many companies have a global reach, but we wanted to keep the local touch and build up our local network. We have used the printers before and the quality was good.

Unfortunately, this time the quality was not up to scratch. So, with Susan needing some for her next trip home, and not enough time to order them again, I ordered some from a NZ website to be there when she arrived. I won’t name the firm, let’s just say they are a google away.

The cards arrived at the NZ office a few days later. The quality was good. And they even came with a surprise inside - a receipt from an Indian printing company! They arrived in NZ faster than the printer here can deliver.

Let’s just say that the firm doubled its money after paying the supplier. If indeed it was a NZ company at all. If not, good on the Indian guys. They certainly fooled me.

Smelling fish, I had a closer look at their website. Yip, they are an international business. But can I say I am bothered? They didn’t pull the wool over my eyes. Even if they did have a ending website. I’m a happy customer. I don’t have a clue who has my money.

This sort of activity does a few things. It keeps prices honest. The most efficient suppliers will win long term. If the end user is satisfied, they will pay knowing you have provided great service. Poor service online means death.

What it won’t do is take away high end jobs from local guys. For big buck stuff you want to be hands on. We have all heard stories of people being burned outsourcing or getting big things in from offshore that fail. I like to be able to look someone in the eye if I am spending a large amount of hard earned cash.

For something costing maybe up to a few hundred dollars, if you can get it elsewhere for less cost, at top quality, why not do it? We want to buy stuff for a fair price. We check online and read reviews. More and more these days some companies live or die based on reviews of their products. They need to do well to survive.

If we have the opportunity, then why not do it with our own products? Is someone doing the same thing as you for a lot less than you can? Can you on sell their stuff as your own? Global marketing and distribution are getting easier to do. The web has it all. Our customers have choice, and we have choice too. Outsource if you can, be wise and satisfied.

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