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People Power: Less Screen, More Face

Gadgets are great. I love my smart phone and my MacBook Pro. They are useful tools.

But, I am not the type of person who can sit in front of a screen all day. I prefer people. And this is a model that we try to replicate in our business.

The world of outsourcing offers you the chance to get your eyeballs away from your screen. You can rely on someone else to do your work.

We can replace your screen with a face. Well, maybe not in the same room, but isn’t video calling great these days? It has to be a better use for your screen chatting with someone about your work.

Other outsourcing providers can do your work by giving it to people within their firm whom you will never see. The same person may never do your work again. You are a cog in their machine.

This is impersonal business. If that’s what you prefer, and some people do, then great. But we want you to interact with a real person who grows with you and learns all about your clients and becomes familiar with your systems. A valued team member.

Surely it is more rewarding over time to have a personal relationship with someone rather than a service of email and return. Time spent building a relationship pays dividends when your team member does more and more stuff automatically based on familiarity. How beneficial is it for you to have the same person doing your clients books more than once?

Gadgets are great, but a smiling person having a laugh with you or giving you a bit of stick has to be much better.

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